Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another mystery

The last quiz I gave (here), was far too easy - everyone got it right (and quickly). The answer was Crabeater Seal (Lobodon carcinophagus), a southern ocean species that uses those crazy teeth to strain krill from the water. So a MUCH harder one this time. I was out along a trail here at Senda Darwin when I ran into an Austral Pygmy-owl with the remains of its breakfast.

You can see it is holding just one leg of a bird. The question is: what is the bird?

I'll give you a little bit of direction, as you probably don't all have The Birds of Chile sitting next to your computer: use eBird to find out what is in the area (or at Senda Darwin - it is listed as a "Hotspot"). That will narrow your search down a bit. Whomever gets this first (or at all) will have my undying respect.

Not the same owl. 

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