Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Peruvian Tiger Beetles, by night!

As everyone knows, Tiger Beetles are pretty much the most beautiful and awesome predators in the world (ok, maybe not everyone knows, but they should all agree). I discussed them a little here, but I had only experienced them in the states, never before in South America. My first night in Pacora I found a few under lights at the soccer stadium here. Naturally I collected them for pictures. 

Since then, I have encountered the species very commonly on sidewalks and dirt roads after dark. Never before have I encountered a night tiger beetle, though I have read of their existance. These guys are cool as they don’t fly much - they are really unhappy to, though you can make them – so you can just grab them from the ground (if you don’t mind a little pinch). 

They really vary in color from metallic emerald green (like C. sexguttata in New England) to a beautiful deep purple, which seems to be the more common color. I have not encountered any larval holes yet, though I would love to raise these larvae – tiger beetle larvae are really interesting as well. 

I think it is in the tribe Megacephalini... but I don't have any references here, so take that one with a grain of salt.  

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