Sunday, March 11, 2012

Back in Peru!

I have now arrived in the province of Lambayeque, Peru and am fully enjoying the sun and humidity… actually not at all. But I am having a great time with the bugs and birds here. The difference from last year, an incredibly arid year, to this one, with average rainfall for the región, is ridiculous: the forest is almost as much green as brown and there are more butterflies, dragonflies and neuropterans than I imagined could exist here. 

A very common weevil here, though I can't tell you any  more about it.

  My access to reasonable internet is limited, I set up a few short posts to autopublish in the next week, so check back occasionally, but don’t expect constant updates… one of the disadvantages of this place. A few picture teasers of what is around here for now.

Callopistes flavipunctatus, the very monitor-like teiid here. This one was pushing 1 meter with tail.

A nymphalid, that is about all I have on this guy.

Burrowing owls abound here.

A pair of dung beetles rolling their precious prize across the desert floor.

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