Thursday, March 8, 2012


A few mistakes have been pointed out to me in posts in the past. The most egregious, which Justin kindly pointed out, is that I stated Golden Swallows were formerly found in Puerto Rico. This is entirely incorrect, I mixed up my islands, there was an endemic subspecies in JAMAICA, but it is now extinct and known only from a few museum specimens.
The Chilean butterfly list I posted has two errors as well – one of which I suspected, the other which caught me entirely off-guard. Dr. Art Shapiro at UC Davis (my school now!) corrected these two. What I had identified as Tatochila theodice is actually T. blanchardi, which is an interesting record as two Tatochila are known from Chiloe, but blanchardi is only known from much farther north. The other misidentification is what I listed as Argyrophorus argenteus is actually Mathania leucothea … my first guess, but since it was only listed in the book as near Santiago, I figured I had identified it wrong, so I changed it to A. argenteus… incorrectly. 

Chiloe's first record of T. blanchardi... found as roadkill while I was running.

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