Monday, March 19, 2012

A Peruvian Booby... in the desert

Around the swallow site this morning (in the middle of the desert), after the day's work was finished, my coworkers and I were observing a fairly steady stream of Chimney Swifts going overhead. To get a better view, we decided to climb one of the Huacas - adobe pyramids of the Lambayeque/Sican culture of 1000+ years ago. Before we reached the top, we saw this fly by.

Adult Peruvian Booby, Bosque de Pomac, Lambayeque, Peru
I might add that the site is absolutely nowhere near the ocean - we have been puzzling over why the occasional osprey passes overhead, as there is not even any permanent water around, but that pales in comparison to why a booby would be there. If you read Nick's article yesterday, I took the latter approach as my friends were screaming "Sula! Sula!" - the genus of this bird - and we knew we needed photos as there are two species here (well, on the coast), Peruvian and Blue-footed. The lack of head streaking eliminates Blue-footed and the white head shows it is an adult. What has become of it is anyone's guess... it was heading south/south-east, not towards the Pacific (straight west).

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  1. While it's no Northern Gannet, I'm glad you're seeing some Boobies while in Peru!