Friday, January 27, 2012

Mas mariposas de Chiloé (more butterflies of Chiloé)

As I only have a few days left here in Chile, I think I have found just about every species that the north end of this island can produce. I began this when I arrived and reported on it here back in November. In a summer of collecting, Concha-Bloomfield and Parra found 9 species here at the center (pdf here) - I found 16 from October to January. I also managed to photograph every species I encountered.

Butleria flavomaculata

My list (pdf) with photos and some notes (in spanish) is available for download here and on the downloads page of the blog.

A few more pictures:

Eroessa chilensis on Fuchsia magellanicus
Homoeonympha humilis, on Blechnum sp. 

Nelia nemyroides
Argopteron aureipennis, the most beautiful species here (in my opinion)
A. aureipennis, dorsal view

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