Thursday, October 27, 2011

Santiago, Chile - Duck Quiz

All flights from Santiago to Puerto Montt were cancelled because of volcanic ash and because this is a holiday weekend (no idea which one, and certainly a biweekly occurance if Chile is like Argentina or Peru), all the busses were full. So I am stranded in Santiago for a couple days before a nice relaxing 12 hour bus trip to Puerto Montt.

So I happened into the zoo, which was, quite surprisingly fairly respectable and really heavy on the birds - but fairly nonexistant for insects (though there were butterflies flying in the zoo). They had a small, but diverse, exhibit of waterfowl. I'll buy whomever can name all the species pictured below first a beer - I'll even give you the number of species in the photo to make it a little less difficult. If you get the last, the bonus - and the easiest - I'll even buy you something better than a bud lite.

4 species pictured (a fifth has the head cut off - bonus for ID to genus)
3 species

The tough one. A terrible picture - 2 species
Two species. Just kidding.

  1 species - not from the zoo, but a cool species nonetheless.

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